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Janet McFarlane September 14, 2016

Megan Chalifoux June 8, 2016

Megan began her successful dance career at the young age of eleven, where she was educated extensively in the Professional Divisions of both The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and The National Ballet School. Megan completed her training at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School with her Russian and Cecchetti styles of classical ballet exams. Throughout Megan’s ballet training, she was chosen to perform at numerous charitable events. She continued to thrive in her dance career with challenging yet rewarding performances, such as The Nut Cracker (as Claire) and Swan Lake, to name a few. Megan has been teaching the R.A.D Syllabus throughout Alberta for twelve years. Within these years she has choreographed for numerous competitions, where she takes great pride in her students’ accomplishments in their hard work and awards. Many of these students have won not only awards, but scholarships to perform their numbers choreographed by Megan, throughout North America.

Ian Eddy May 19, 2016

Chelanne Murphy April 22, 2016

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