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Mountain Teams

Edge Mountain Teams are an integral part of the Edge philosophy. Through friendly and spirited competition, students and staff, assigned to one of the four teams – Everest, Logan, Makalu and Kilimanjaro, compete against each other to win the treasured Mountain Cup. From the Terry Fox Run, Edge World Cup, Edge Olympics to the annual Coin Race, students take pride in their mountain teams’ progress. But in the end, they all finish together!

Mountain Cup Winners

2012-13: Makalu

Mountaineer Events

Some of the major events held annually are described below.

Edge Olympics

Feb 18, 2011 marked our 5th annual Edge Olympics. This day has become a very important tradition at our school and we see it as a cornerstone of our character development program. Students spend the day in their mountain teams where they have the opportunity to get to know their fellow mountaineers through friendly competition and camaraderie. Throughout the day, points are awarded to mountain teams based on both participation and competition results. There are a variety of ways that students can participate during the Edge Olympics. As an all-school program, the Edge Olympics plays a significant role in the development of our school culture. Read detailed writeups of each activity here.

Mountaineers compete in:

  • Human Curling
  • Belly Baseball
  • Snow Dodge Ball
  • Hockey
  • Super-Bump Competition
  • Snow Golf
  • Short-track Scooter Racing
  • Team Synchonized Ice Dance
  • Snow Tug-a-war

 Coin Race

This annual event is both a team building and fundraising event. All proceeds from this event go to Right to Play. Students are asked to bring in coins in the 2 weeks prior to the ‘race’. Organized in their Mountain Teams, students are given 30 minutes to place their coins end to end. Points are awarded to Mountain Teams based on the length of their line as well as the total amount of money raised. Proceeds from recent years include:

2010-2011   :: ~$4,000
2009-2010   ::   $4,130
2008-2009   ::   $4,302
2007-2008   ::   $6,000 (donated to Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre)
2007-2008   ::   $8,000 (donated to Right to Play – monies raised from the Edge World Series & Edge World Cup)

Edge World Series

The final major Mountaineer event of the year is the annual Edge World Series. Held in early June, all students and staff participate in a softball round robin event to determine the Edge World Series Champion.