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Skill Academy

Our Hockey Skill Academy is an exciting skill development program open to both boys and girls from Grades 5 through 12. On average, students are on the ice three times a week developing their hockey skills. Under the guidance of professional coaches and a goal-tending instructor, they work on skating techniques, puck control, shooting, defensive play and creativity.

The SKILL ACADEMY will consist of:

  • 3 on-ice training sessions per week (approx. 6hrs/week)
  • 2 Dry-land hockey-specific Strength and Conditioning sessions at the Duckett Performance Centre per week
  • Concurrently, Senior High student-athletes will be working towards attaining their high school diploma in our University preparatory program

Full access to on-site health services

In-house HEALTH SERVICES* include:

  • Sport counselling with renowned mental training coach Dr. Matt Brown
  • Sport therapy and physiotherapy services
  • Nutrition counselling and in-house nutritional options- to reinforce the nutritional principles taught in high performance training

*at an additional cost

Edge is committed to the purposeful integration of excellence in academics, athletics and character-building. At the end of each term, students are evaluated for their on-ice skills, effort and practice habits. They are assessed using appropriate skills standard and testing programs and scouted for participation in Edge’s Hockey Team Program.