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Edge offers a comprehensive hockey skill academy and team program for both boys and girls. In addition to core hockey skills, students in Edge Hockey receive training and support in all areas of Health Services including as sport therapy, nutrition, sport psychology and strength and conditioning training. Through our Mountaineer character-building program and our enriched academics, our athletes need not sacrifice school for sports or vice versa. Our skill academy and team programs attract highly accomplished staff and coaches.

Team Program

The Team Program is both comprehensive and competitive with teams playing in leagues, tournaments and exhibition games in Alberta and throughout North America. A major component of our Team Program is player promotion and future placement, with tournaments and games strategically chosen and organized for scouting potential. Edge School fields both boys and girls hockey teams.

Skill Development Program

Our Hockey Skill Academy is an exciting skill development program open to both boys and girls from Grades 5 through 12. Under the guidance of professional coaches and a goal-tending instructor, they work on skating techniques, puck control, shooting, defensive play and creativity. Students in the Hockey Skill Academy are scouted for participation in Edge’s Hockey Team Program.

Spring and Summer Programming

The Edge 360 Curriculum has been developed based on evaluation, research and analysis of the best programming world-wide. This comprehensive programming allows for Player Development through structured practices, high performance off-ice training and games over a 9 week period.
The Edge 360 Instructors use advanced teaching techniques and are under the direction of renowned Coach and Edge School Skills Academy Director – Mr. Scott Atkinson.