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Golf Academy

Our unique skill development program provides students with Golf coaching, training and competition from the start of the school year in September right through to the provincial tournaments in July.

As a large percentage of the golf students are members of golf courses in the area, the Edge Golf coaching staff works with the Club Pros to supplement their junior program ensuring the students are receiving consistent messages regarding their development.

Highlights of the Golf Skill Academy:

  • Senior High students enjoy 5 golf classes per week – a total of 9 hours per week consisting of
    • on course instruction
    • full swing and short game coaching
    • fitness and mental training
    • students participating in Phys Ed and CTS requirements
  • Junior High students have 3 golf classes per week – a total of 6 hours of sport time devoted to
    • learning how to compete through skill development
    • competitions
  • Students work with sport science professionals in the areas of strength and flexibility training, sport psychology, sport medicine and nutrition sessions
  • Use of top-rated facilities
  • Students also participate in practice rounds as a group at various courses in the province learning how to prepare for competition and how to play a golf course utilizing their strengths.
  • Students also get supplemental practice and instruction during the competitive season


Edge golfers are on the move! Every school year, the Golf Director plans and organizes golf trips designed to encourage passion for all aspects of the game…and maybe even fuel the thoughts of a golf scholarship! Students participate in fall and spring tournaments throughout North America and a winter training camp in a southern climate. This provides the young golfers with the chance to develop game-tough mental skills, experience travel and golf challenges and an introduction to college coaches and programs.