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The Edge School Golf Program provides student-athletes with the unique opportunity to pursue their golf goals in a full-time academic and year-round athletic setting. Started in 2003-2004, our golf program has evolved into one of the 7 core skill academies at Edge. Our Golf Director brings a wealth of knowledge and experience at the local and national level, providing an elite level of golf instruction.

Golf Program students develop the skill, character and knowledge of the game of golf through a positive team-oriented atmosphere. World-class instruction targets swing fundamentals, practice and rules strategies as well as managing rounds on a golf course. Tournament and practice round play in both Canada and the United Sates provides a setting where the attributes taught through lesson plans can be incorporated into game situations. This also provides Edge golfers outstanding post-secondary golf scholarship opportunities.


From an Edge Golf Parent
“The instruction and coaching are outstanding. Randy focuses on the fundamentals, sets high expectations and holds the kids accountable. He is also aware of academic demands and works with teachers to ensure success.”