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Figure Skating

The Edge Figure Skating Program provides Recreational and Competitive skaters in Grades 4-12 with a complete training program both on and off the ice. With extensive support from the Edge Academic team, it is our mission to develop students to their fullest potential providing them with a unique academic-athletic experience.

The Edge Figure Skating Program is based on the same comprehensive training model as the one used by World Champions.  Like elite skaters, Edge skaters have a team comprised of a skating coach, athletic trainer, movement coach, dance teacher (ballet and modern), nutrition guidance, and sports psychology counselling.

Congruent with the training model of world-class skaters, the Edge Figure Skating program features four components:

  • technical on-ice skills component
  • off-ice training with artistic development and body awareness through dance classes / lectures
  • strength and conditioning with high performance training to increase power, fitness and prevent injury
  • sport psychology and nutrition support

The on-ice sessions are taught by our skating development team to enrich our skaters’ turns, edges, stroking and field moves. The coach to student ratio is a maximum of 1:10 for on ice training. During the on-ice training time, skaters also have the option to work with their own coach.

The Edge Figure Skating Program will not test or offer Skate Canada programs.

Get More Info To learn more about the Edge Figure Skating Program, please contact Cyndi Scott at 403-246-6432 ext. 418 or Anne McCaffrey at 403-246-6432 ext. 111.