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Edge School offers high performance skill training academies in Hockey, Dance, Golf, Figure Skating and Soccer. Our Flex Academy is for athletes in other sports and disciplines such as luge, skiing, swimming, tennis, equestrian, and gymnastics. We offer a balanced approach to integrate athletics, academics and character development. Our student-athletes receive more than just high-performance training, they receive a complete package.

Since successful athletes need mental as well as physical discipline, Edge students meet regularly with our on-staff sport psychologist Dr. Matt Brown. Dr. Brown teaches healthy ways to evaluate performance, and to prepare for strong performance.

Our holistic approach also includes nutrition. School lunches are designed for competitive athletes, and we encourage Edge families to follow healthy eating principles.

In our model, sport is a vehicle for character development. Coaches highlight fair play, teamwork and integrity in all aspects of training and competition.

We don’t lose sight of the need for balance and wellness. Students participate in regular physical education classes and often have the opportunity to play multiple sports as part of our Interscholastic sports teams, just for fun.

Several programs offer team opportunities, usually involving travel within North America, for those looking for that extra ‘push’. The Hockey Team Program ices 4 Male Midget Teams, 2 Bantam Male Teams and 1 Girls Prep Team. The Golf program offers a Senior Golf Team, while the Soccer Program fields indoor and outdoor season teams. Dance students have the opportunity to perform for various Edge functions and with various community partners throughout the school year.