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Edge School for Athletes is for busy student-athletes wanting to achieve a balanced life while pursuing their personal best in academics, athletics and character.

We are committed to individual attention and small class sizes, and as such the number of students able to experience our unique and innovative programs each school year is limited.

We expect students to be able to perform at or above grade level in reading and mathematics. We also expect both parents and students to demonstrate a high level of commitment to a school that emphasizes excellence in leadership, academics and athletics.

We believe that self-esteem and confidence are both vital for success. For this reason, our Admissions Committee ensures new students interested in our high performance sport programs have the skills and ability necessary to participate. Edge School is not for the beginner athlete nor for the student not willing to step up his or her academic game. That said, our comprehensive program provides student-athletes with the support required to achieve this personal success in the class, on the field and in life.

Edge is an exciting and dynamic enviroment where your child can experience athletic, academic and character-building challenges perfectly suited for his or her pace, understanding and skill set. An Edge education gives students skills for life, and graduates young people ready to make a real difference in their world.

To learn more about the Edge Experience, please call 403 246 6432 to set up a meeting or personal school tour or attend an open house.

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